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Archetypes are a new system introduced to Champions Online with the Free-to-Play conversion. They allow players to simplify Champions Online's open power system to a more simple, class-like system of most MMOs (though open power selection is still available on Freeform Characters). Each archetype is locked into certain Power, Super Stat, Role and Innate Characteristic choices that are designed to fill a certain group role, and is modeled after particular comic book heroes or villains. Customization is still available in the form of Advantages, Talents, Specializations and with several choices of powers.

While they are somewhat different from Freeform characters, archetypes still follow the same rules as custom power selection in terms of prerequisites, and gain the same number of Talent, Specialization, and Advantage points. Archetypes do get fewer powers however, as they are restricted from having multiple builds with different Slotted Passives and Roles. See the Level Progression page for more details.

While Silver Members are restricted to only making archetypes, Gold Members can make pre-built archetypes or Freeform heroes. These pre-built archetypes are able to join the archetype-only or unrestricted Hero Games, while Freeform players may only join unrestricted. It is a known and longstanding bug that archetype characters have a much higher damage Soft Cap than freeforms, making their overall damage output significantly higher in many cases.

The Archetypes


These archetypes are available to everyone.

Archetype Super Stats Role
The Behemoth Constitution, Strength, Recovery Tank
The Blade Dexterity, Strength, Recovery Melee Damage
The Glacier Constitution, Endurance, Ego Tank
The Grimoire Intelligence, Ego, Presence Hybrid
The Inferno Recovery, Endurance, Ego Ranged Damage
The Marksman Dexterity, Intelligence, Ego Ranged Damage
The Mind Presence, Endurance, Ego Support
The Radiant Presence, Ego, Intelligence Support
The Soldier Ego, Dexterity, Recovery Ranged Damage
The Unleashed Dexterity, Recovery, Strength Melee Damage


These are archetypes available for purchase in the C-Store by Silver Members, but are free to Gold Members.

Archetype Super Stats Role
The Devastator Strength, Constitution, Recovery Melee Damage
The Disciple Ego, Dexterity, Recovery Melee Damage
The Fist Dexterity, Strength, Recovery Melee Damage
The Impulse Endurance, Ego, Intelligence Hybrid
The Inventor Intelligence, Presence, Ego Support
The Invincible Intelligence, Constitution, Endurance Tank
The Master Constitution, Dexterity, Strength Tank
The Mountain Constitution, Ego, Endurance Tank
The Night Avenger Dexterity, Strength, Ego Hybrid
The Savage Strength, Recovery, Constitution Hybrid
The Scourge Recovery, Constitution, Ego Ranged Damage
The Specialist Dexterity, Strength, Ego Hybrid
The Squall Ego, Recovery, Endurance Ranged Damage
The Tempest Endurance, Ego, Recovery Ranged Damage
The Void Ego, Constitution, Presence Hybrid
The Icicle Dexterity, Endurance, Constitution Ranged Damage
The Predator Dexterity, Strength, Recovery Melee Damage
The Hexslinger Intelligence, Dexterity, Ego Ranged Damage
The Penitent Strength, Dexterity, Constitution Melee Damage
The Cybernetic Warrior Intelligence, Constitution, Endurance Melee Damage
The Rockstar Strength, Constitution, Endurance Tank
The Witch Presence, Constitution, Recovery Support


This archetype is available once the player levels a character to level 40. It has 3 unique powers that are available to Freeform heroes once this archetype is unlocked. Since a recent patch, it is no longer required to level up the Automaton to obtain this unique powers when the Reawakened section was removed from the game.

Archetype Super Stats Role
The Automaton Ego, Constitution, Intelligence Ranged Damage

Event Unlockables

This archetypes are obtainable by Silver Players during certain events in the year.

Archetype Super Stats Role
The Cursed* Recovery, Constitution, Ego Ranged Damage
The Void* Ego, Presence, Constitution Hybrid
The Devastator* Strength, Recovery, Constitution Melee Damage
The Icicle* Dexterity, Constitution, Endurance Ranged Damage
The Night Avenger* Dexterity, Strength, Ego Hybrid
  • The Cursed is unlockable by gathering Turakian Coins to purchase it during the Bloodmoon Event in October.
  • The Void is unlockable by gathering Elysium Coins to purchase it during the rotative Nightmare Invasions.
  • The Devastator is unlockable by gathering Circus Malvanum Gears to purchase it during the rotative Circus Malvanum.
  • The Icicle is unlockable by gathering Winter Charms to purchase it during the Attack of the Misfit Toys/Winter Event in December.
  • The Night Avenger is unlockable by gathering Nighthawk Favor tokens to purchase it during the Nighthawk Event

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