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Alerts are a type of repeatable instanced missions that offer a variety of classic comic book encounters set in a variety of locations. Alerts are focused on team content (5 man teams) and they utilize a queue system to access.


There are 5 different variations of Alerts. Burst, Grab, Smash, Custom, and Rampages


A Grab Alert could include things like heists, robberies, kidnappings or ransom demands. You’ll typically catch a Villain and their minions or cohorts in the act of their criminal activity. It is up to you to stop them. Although you may find many different villains here they are all motivated to get the cash and run. The Grab Alerts are really classic super villain scenarios and where you will likely find those pesky tights villains trying to make a quick buck. Grab Alerts grant XP and give you a bonus XP buff. There is only one grab alert active at one time. Grab alerts are available at level 10


A Burst Alert might just be the coolest but also the craziest of all Alerts. Similar to a smash alert, the BURST features a main Super Villain that could use a good beat down. The big difference is the environment. You will find your team in an unstable situation where anything can happen. What the bursts have that SMASH doesn’t is an event or catastrophe that overdrives or buffs everything on the map to extreme levels. You may find a meteor has fallen to earth or a tanker full of toxic ooze has crashed. Either way, the exposure to the threat has caused everyone and everything on the map to burst into extreme powered mode.There is only one Burst alert active at one time. Burst alerts are available at level 15 Burst Alerts grant Mods and give you a buff that increases the drop rate of Mods from Skill Objects.


A Smash Alert is an all out brawl. You usually find the Super Villain right out in the open and in need of some taking care of. At times the Villain may have some minions along for support but the main objective is to take out the villain before it is too late. Just as in classic comics these villains are prone to taunting and love hearing their own monologs. A component of the SMASH is the timed element. You will need to be quick and make sure you deal with the Villain before their plans are complete. These are some of the only missions that you might fail if your team isn’t fast enough but don’t worry, you’ll get them next time! There is only one smash alert active at one time. Smash alerts are available at level 20 Smash Alerts grant a large resource reward and gives a bonus resource buff.


A Rampage Alert generally involves a villain so powerful that it requires 10 high level (35-40) heroes to subdue the villain. Rampage Alerts grant Questionite Ore. Rampages are available at level 35.


There are also special villains that will appear in their own unique alerts with unique alert objectives. One custom alert is active at one time. check the ingame calender to see when they are scheduled. Custom alerts are available at level 25

Event Alerts

Nemesis Alerts

A Nemesis can appear Bank Robbery and Dockside Dustup Alerts along with their minions. When you play a Nemesis Alert you will get a chance to show off your Nemesis to your team, and give your Nemesis the gift of a public smack-down! Be sure to have an active Nemesis for a chance to show off! When a Nemesis Alert pops up be sure to queue to see the most unique villains out there. I have a feeling that these Alerts will be the most popular in the rotation.


Normal Alerts

For each of the 3 types of normal alerts, there are a number of villains that will appear in all of them.

Dailiy Missions

There are daily missions associated with playing Alerts where you can earn some larger rewards. For example there is a daily mission to complete the current Special or Villain Teamup Alert as well as a daily mission to play one of each Alert type. These daily missions can grant Questionite Ore, mod packs or Silver Champion Recognition



There are a number of perks that can be obtained from completing Alerts.

Costume Unlocks

In addition to experience, resources, upgrades and mods, there are a number of costume unlock items that can be obtained as random reward drops from the normal villains as well as drops from the special villains.

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