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Devices are gadgets that can be used by your hero to assist them in a variety of different ways. They can be used to summon pets, transform your hero into a Qularr, used to thaw out helpless citizens who are trapped in ice or heal your hero. Devices are often used as part of missions, but they can also be found, bought, or crafted.

Devices can be temporary, such as those that are used in missions or have a limited number of uses, or they can be permanent, in which case they have a recharge timer.

Equipping Devices

In order to use a device, it must be equipped in your device tray. Devices granted by missions auto-equip themselves if you have an unused device slot. You can also manually equip a device from your inventory. Open your inventory with the "i" key. Click and drag the device into one of the Device slots at the bottom of the screen. If there is already a device in that slot the new device replaces it and the old device is unequipped.

Mission Devices

These devices, if required for a mission, will be automatically granted. Once you have returned to the contact to turn in the mission, the device will automatically disappear. For a complete list of all these devices, please refer to the category for mission devices.

Reward & Crafted Devices These devices are obtained in a very different manner from the mission devices. These can be obtained as random drops from defeating factions, rewards for completing missions, rewards from participating in Open Missions or purchasing them with Recognition. These devices either have a limited number of uses (they will dissappear after the last use) or have a recharge time. Listed below are some of the different types of reward and crafting devices.

Device Types

Travel Devices
Transform Devices
Become Devices
Healing Devices
Summon Devices
Buff Devices
Damage Devices
Z-Store Devices
Recognition Devices
Drifter devices
Z-store Devices
Temporary Devices