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A Hideout is a personal space for players to hang out and socialize in. Players will be able to customize their hideout in a number of ways and can have more than one. The first phase of Hideouts consisted of Mom's Basement, Mystic Sanctum, Industrial Cave and Sci-fi Moonbase. In September 2011, the Penthouse hideout was added with two versions available: the Loft Penthouse and the Luxury Penthouse.


There are currently 5 categories (Basement, Moon, etc) of hideouts being planned. Each type will have a number of several themed hideout locations that a player will be able to select from.


Cave Lair


Moon Base



At launch, hideouts will have access to the tailor and the Crime Computer. To access the tailor all you need to do is move towards the tailor section of the hideout and interact. Each hideout will have a location for the tailor and crime computer that is fitting to the setting:

  • Tailors: Stand near the weapon racks or laundry (Mom’s Basement)
  • Crime Computer: Near the computer in your hideout.

Additional conveniences will be added later, such as power trainers and account wide storage.

Shared Account Bank

Primary Article: Shared Account Bank
When purchasing a hideout, you are granted 20 shared bank slots. They can be accessed in the same area as the crime computer.


Inside your hideout you will be able to make changes to your hideout’s look and feel. Customization for hideouts focuses on theme more than specific changes. You can change walls, flooring, lighting and a social area for example, but changing an individual picture on the walls is not possible.

Customization options are also currently only usable within the same category. So a chair from the Sci-Fi Moon base cannot be used in the Mystic Sanctum. However, the cauldron in the Alchemist Sanctum can be used in the Mystic Sanctum or any other Sanctum category hideout.

When you make it to your hideout the hideout UI will change to show what options are available to you. There are 3 elements of the Hideout UI that you may use inside your hideout:

  • Settings: Settings are the overall themed hideouts. You can always use these to switch back to the default setting for any hideout.
  • Options: Options are the areas that can be changed within the hideout. More options will be available depending on what hideouts you have. Think of these as sections like Walls, lights and social areas.
  • Choices: These are the choices for the Options. If you selected Options for the walls in Mom’s Basement you will see 3 choices for walls. Selecting these choices will change the look of the hideout.


User Interface

Open up the Hideout UI by typing /hideout in the chat window or by clicking the hideout button on the main map. To open the main map press the “M” key (default) or click the Globe icon on the upper right section of the mini map.

Claiming your Hideout

If you are a Lifetime Subscriber or Gold Member you can claim your free Phase One hideout by following these steps:

  • Open the Hideout UI
  • Click the “Free Token” button
  • Select your Free Hideout
  • Click the “Claim” button
  • Once you claim your Free Hideout click the “Return to Hideouts” button.
  • The Free token can only be used to claim one of the 4 Phase One hideouts.

Note: If you choose not to purchase any additional hideouts, then every character on your account will have that hideout.

Purchasing Hideouts

Additional Phase One Hideouts can be purchased in the Z-Store. Silver Members may also purchase Phase One Hideouts. To do so, open up the C-Store and click on the “Hideouts” tab. Hideouts purchased become available for every character on an account.

Accessing Hideouts

Because there are several hideouts you can have, you will need to select your hideout before you can travel to it. Follow these steps to choose the hideout you want to set as your current hideout: Select the hideout you want to set as your current hideout, click the "Choose" button (you will see the name of the hideout listed at the top as "Current Hideout:[name of hideout]", click the travel button (this will take you to your hideout). Once you choose your hideout you can travel there by opening up the Hideout UI and clicking the travel button. You can also right click your portrait and select "Go to Hideout".

Additionally, if have already selected your hideout, to access it, you can type /hideout in the chat bar.


You can only invite people to your Hideout if you are in your hideout. If you leave your hideout during the party, the party will end after 15 minutes. You can invite up to 10 people to your hideout. There are two ways to invite other Heroes to your hideout:

  • Right Click Menu (Right click on players names to invite them)
  • Click the “Guests” button in the hideout UI. Type a player’s name@handle and click the “invite” button

You will also be able to kick people from your hideout using the “Expel” button. Just click on the name in the guest list and click expel.

Exiting Hideouts

To exit your hideout you need to use the exit. The exit is located near the point of entry.

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