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Mods are items that can be used during Item Modification to enhance the stats of a Slotted Upgrade. A hero's level also affects the effectiveness of a Mod. The strength of a Mod scales to the level of the hero. Mods can be collected through Investigation, drops, Mission rewards, or Burst Alerts.


Modifications have been categorized into the sections below. Clicking on any link will take you to the section on the Mods page with the corresponding mod types.

Armoring and Enhancement Mods

Constitution Armoring Mod.png

These types fit into Armoring Slots of Slotted Upgrades. These Mods provide bonuses to basic stats such as Strength, Dexterity, and Intelligence.

Core Mods

Impact Prism Mod.png

These mods fit into Core (Offense, Defense, and Utility) Slots of Slotted Upgrades. These Mods provide a variety of bonuses depending on the slot they are placed in. For example, the Gamblers Lucky Gem (A Core Mod) provides Critical Chance when slotted into an Offense Item, Dodge Rating when slotted into a Defense Item and Energy Cost Discount when slotted into a Utility Item.

Offense Cores

Severity Core Mod.png

These mods ONLY fit into Offense Slots. Offense Cores often affect your threat generation or provide a bonus upon defeating a foe.

Defense Cores

Avoidance Core Mod.png

These mods ONLY fit into Defense Slots. Defense Cores often provide damage resistance to specific Power Sets. They may also give resistances to effects such as Crowd Control or Knocks.

Utility Cores

Clarence's Machinery Mod.png

These mods ONLY fit into Utility Slots. Utility mods are sometimes referred to as "Damage Mods". They often give a bonus to specific Power Sets. A few will fill miscellaneous uses such as stealth detection, map radius increases, or help with Energy management.

Special Modifications

Vehicle Mods

Vehicle Modifications

Vehicle MODs can be inserted into Vehicles to modify their stats.

Vehicle Weapons

Vehicle Weapons not only alter the effectiveness of a weapon but the type of weapon too.

See Also

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