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UNTIL likes to award Perks to the best and bravest heroes. Perks are special accomplishments your hero can achieve in Champions Online. Perks are rewards for exploring the world, daredevil feats, and reaching various milestones in game.

Viewing Perks

Perks can be accessed in the Perks Window (press "k", default key). There you will be able to see Perks that are in progress as well as those that have been completed.

Perk Rewards

Primary Article: Perk Rewards

UNTIL will often grant rewards for Perks that have been achieved. Perk rewards consist of Titles, Devices, Costume Pieces as well as some Resources and Perk Points.

Perk Types

Link:Alerts Perks Alerts Perks
Link:Character Perks Character Perks
Link:Collection Perks Collection Perks
Link:Events Perks Events Perks
Link:Heroic Perks Heroic Perks
Link:Exploration Perks Exploration Perks
Link:Knowledge Perks Knowledge Perks
Link:Lore Perks Lore Perks
Link:PvP Perks PvP Perks
Link:Nemesis Perks Nemesis Perks
Link:Rogues Gallery Perks Rogues Gallery Perks
Link:Signature Villains Perks Signature Villains Perks

Missable Perks

Primary Article: Missable Perks

Some Perks are only available for a limited time or at a certain point in the game.

See Also

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