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Stat Specializations
Role Specializations


Specialization Trees are a point purchase feature of improving your hero's abilities. A hero will unlock their first tree at level 10 and that Specialization Tree is based on their primary Super Stat. The hero will unlock his next tier of Specialization Trees at level 20, another at level 30, and at level 40 the hero will unlock the Specialization Masteries. A Freeform player can choose their second and third Specialization Trees. Archetype players can only choose where they use their points, but their Specializations will be based on their Archetype. A hero gains 1 Specialization Point starting at level 10 every level to spend in the Specialization Trees.

How does it work?

Each tree up to the Mastery Tree is divided into two tiers. A hero must spend 5 Specialization Points in the first tier of the tree to unlock the second tier. A hero can then spend points in the first or second tier depending on their preference. Once a hero has spent 10 points in any Specialization Tree, that tree becomes locked and the hero can no longer spend any Specialization Points in it. A hero unlocks the Mastery Tree at level 40. Each Specialization Tree gives the hero a unique choice in the Mastery Specialization Tree.


Stat Specializations

Unlocked at level 10, these specializations are based of the Hero's primary Super Stat.

Role Specializations

Every hero unlocks their first Role Specialization Tree at level 20 and and their second at 30. There are 11 Trees total and only 2 of these can be selected. Like all Specialization Trees, a hero can only spend 10 points in each before it locks out and they must spend points in their next tree.

Mastery Specializations

At level 40, a hero gains 1 point to spend on one of three Mastery Specializations. This depends on the specializations chosen by the hero at level 20 and 30, plus the Primary Super Stat. For example, The Soldier archetype would be able to select between Ego Mastery, Vindicator Mastery, or Avenger Mastery.

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