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While Champions Online is a Free-to-Play MMO, there is the option to subscribe which will give you full access to the game features such as listed below.

Lifetime Subscription$299.99 USD
6-Month Recurring$77.94 USD
3-Month Recurring$41.97 USD
1-Month Recurring$14.99 USD

Prices displayed are not inclusive of VAT for purchases from European Union (EU). VAT is charged in accordance with the local legislation in each member state and varies from 15%-25%. Players can subscribe here.


Primary Article: Free-to-Play
Once you subscribe to Champions Online, you become a Gold Member. The matrix on the primary article details what Gold Members have access to over a non subscribing or Silver Member.

Other Stuff

Activating your retail key for the first time will also require you to create a new subscription; you will not be billed until the first 30 days have passed. If you are changing an existing subscription, then you will not be billed at your new rate until the end of your current billing period. For those of you reactivating a lapsed subscription or purchasing a lifetime subscription, you will be billed immediately.

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