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Onslaught Playing The Villain

Care to experiment with one of my Onslaughtr Supervillain devices? C'mon! The power rush is amazing, and you'll forget about any heroic tendencies when it fully it kick in.

Tell you what: each day you come visit me, I'll give you a device for free! Try it out, and if you like it and want more, we'll work out some sort of business arrangement. That work for you? Good, thought so!

Gold Suscribers and Lifetimers can claim a free Onslaught device once per day!

Claim your Daily Onslaught Supervillain Device
You will be able to choose one of
  • Become Onslaught: Gravitar
  • Become Onslaught: Grond
  • Become Onslaught: Medusa

Onslaught Guardian Defense!

Don't like all the rampant destruction being caused by the Onslaught Supervillain? Well perhaps we can help each other out. After all, I can't help feel somewhat responsible for unleashing these juggernauts upon the world.

Take down the Onslaught Supervillain rampaging around Millennium City, and I'll help you acquire some gear so you can fight the good fight!

Earn 50 Guardian Tokens by damaging and/or defending Onslaught Supervillain.
Onslaught Supervillain can't attack you until you attack them first, or you aid someone who is attacking them.
You will receive
  • 250 Guardian Token

Onslaught Supervillain Attack!

You want to play the supervillain? Then show me what you can do!

Take down player heroes and Onslaught Targets around Millennium City. You do enough damage, I'll give you a little something for you time!

Earn Villain Token by defeating player heroes or Onslaught Targets while transformed into an Onslaught Supervillain.
While you're transformed into an Onslaught Supervillain, you can't attack heroes until they attack you first. Onslaught targets are always fair game and are marked on your overhead map
You will receive
250 Villain Tokens

Onslaught: Playing Both Sides

Anyone can grab an Onslaught device and become a supervillain! And anyone can get in the path of a supervillain's fist! But to do both regularly? That takes dedication!

I like rewarding dedication. You think Teleios build his clone army in a day? Do this and I'll have a little something extra for you!

Complete Onslaught Supervillain and Guardian daily missions.
You will receive
  • 500 Guardian Tokens
  • 500 Villain Tokens

Onslaught Villain Store
  • Unlock Onslaught Gravitar
  • Unlock Onslaught Grond
  • Unlock Onslaught Medusa
10,000 Guardian Token
  • Become Onslaught Gravitar
  • Become Onslaught Grond
  • Become Onslaught Medusa
1 Onslaught Token

Onslaught Play Store
  • Onslaught Play Store
1,000 Guardian Token
10,000 Questionite
Onslaught Token
Spend Onslaught Token at any Onslaught Agent in Millenium City to puerchase a temporary Supervillain transformation device.
Bind on Pickup
Can't be sold
(stacks to 9,999)

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