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A Costume is what defines a hero in Champions Online. The costume creator is extremely rich and diverse and has a multitude of options to create the hero you want. The initial costume created during character creation can be changed at any of the numerous Tailors who are found in all the Zones and Powerhouses and most of the Crisis Zones.

Switching Costumes

Costumes can be switched at any point by right clicking on your character portrait in the Player Status window of the User Interface and select change costume. This will bring up the list of different costumes your character has created. There is a small timer between changing costumes.

Costume Slots

Gold Member heroes have access to the basic number of costume slots, three level-based (levels 1, 15, and 30) and one slot for joining a supergroup. Silver Member heroes have access to one main one and can obtain an additional one for joining a supergroup. In addition to these, there are a number of other ways to obtain other costume slots. Heroes can changes their costumes at the tailor which can be found in most locations.

Altering Costumes

A hero can change virtually all aspects of their character, except for that of gender. A character can change his or her appearance (except for gender) any number of times and at any level

List of all Costumes

Costumes by Category

Male Female Weapons

Visual costume selector(WiP)


Costumes by Tailor Location

Head Upper Torso Hands Lower Torso
Head Upper Torso Hands Lower Torso
· Archery Bows · Claws · Dual/Single Blades · Sonic Blasters
· Experimental Blasters · Particle Rifles · Heavy Weapons · Assault Rifles
· Heavy Machine guns · Handguns · Rocket Launchers · Shotguns
· Sniper Rifles · Sub-Machine Guns · Telekinetic Blades

Costume types

· Silver default Costumes · Gold Default Costumes · Veteran Reward Costumes
· Lifetime Exclusive Costumes · Zen Store Costumes · Questionite Store Costumes
· Drifter Store Costumes · Grab Bag Costumes · Perk Reward Costumes
· PVP Costumes · Event Costume Pieces · Legacy Costume pieces
· Lockbox Costumes · GrabBag Costumes · Lair Costumes
· Item Drop Costumes · Snake Gultch Costumes · Content Pack Costumes
· Recognition Costumes

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