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Crisis Zones are instances, or copies, of the normal zone in which a specific crisis has taken place and the heroes and heroines are called to solve the problem. These zones normally include several NPCs with available missions which further the heroic aid toward resolving the crisis. There is typically one story thread which can be finished to complete the crisis zone without doing the sideline missions.

After completing crisis zones takes the character to the normal version of the same area. For example, completing the Crisis in Canada! will take the character to the Canadian Wilderness.

There are currently 6 Crisis Zones, one for each of the locations.

Millennium City Tutorial

The Qularr have unleashed a devastating surprise attack on Millennium City, Champions HQ has fallen and Defender is no where to be found. Help PRIMUS and the MCPD to rescue citizens and defeat the Qularr. This is the first crisis zone your character will encounter. When you complete this crisis, you will be sent to Millennium City to acquire your first new powers from the powerhouse and sent to Westside to assist Kodiak in dealing with the gangs there.

Crisis in Canada!

Oceanica Flight 407 has crashed in the harsh Canadian Wilderness and a malevolent force has sent Ice Demons to descend upon Force Station Steelhead. Help Justiciar rescue the survivors, fend off the Ice Demons and quell the encroaching darkness. You do not have to complete this Crisis to gain access to Canada.

Minimum Level: 15

Desert Disaster

The mutated creatures known as the Irradiates have launched a ferocious attack on Project Greenskin. Normally PRIMUS would be able to handle this attack, but they are being overwhelmed by sheer numbers. There is something far more sinister coordinating this attack. You do not have to complete this Crisis to gain access to the Desert.

Minimum Level: 15

Crisis on Monster Island

After his defeat in Canada, Teleios has retreated to his lab on Monster Island and has made a deal with VIPER to supply theM with weapons and technology. Help UNTIL and the Manimals take back the island. You do not have to complete this Crisis to gain access to this zone.

Minimum Level: 30

Lemurian Crisis

The Bleak Ones attacked the UNTIL submarine the Aegir on it's way to Lemuria. It is sinking to the bottom of the Indian Ocean and desperately needs to be repaired.

Minimum Level: 34

Vibora Bay Apocalypse

The fallen angel, Therakiel, has called down the final battle between good and evil. It will rage through Vibora Bay, destroying that city. Should Therakiel triumph, it will destroy the world. Those who were once allies will stand against each other. Villains shall gain powers they only dreamed of before, and heroes will fall. You must complete this crisis in order to access Vibora Bay.

Minimum Level: 37