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Electricity is a ranged damage powerset, primarily focusing on Area of Effect attacks. The set features multiple attacks that chain damage from one opponent to another, and an arsenal of techniques that damage foes over a large area. It is an energy intensive set, comparatively, and is commonly considered to be fairly fragile by itself.

Associated Archetypes

The Tempest


Tier 0
Power Type
Power Electric Bolt.png
Electric Bolt
Energy Builder
Power Chain Lightning.png
Chain Lightning
Ranged Attack
Tier 1
Power Type
Electric Form Passive.png
Electric Form
Electric Sheath Active Offense
Electric Shield Block Replacement
Ionic Reverberation Energy Unlock
Lightning Arc Ranged Attack
Sparkstorm Icon.png
Player Based Area of Effect
Sigils of the Storm.png
Sigils of the Storm
Close Area Attack - Sigils
Tier 2
Power Type
Electrocute Crowd Control
Storm Summoner.png
Storm Summoner
Close Area Attack
Thunderstrike Ranged Area of Effect
Tier 3
Power Type
Ball Lightning Temporary Summon
Gigabolt Ranged Line of Attack
Lightning Storm Ranged Area of Effect
Tier 4
Power Type
Energy Storm.png
Energy Storm
Self Buff / Ranged Attack

Power Sets
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