Elements of Lemuria

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Elements of Lemuria
Level 43
Type Yellow Contact Map Icon.png Item
Team Size 5
Location Monster Island
Neighborhood Andrithal
Starting Contact Item inside Andrith Ruins

Mission Brief

You found a strange disk buried in the Andrith Ruins. It appears to show a recipe devised by Andrith the Golden himself thousands of years ago to protect a person from lava. You'd need purified samples of each of the four Lemurian Elements, and then a suitable Alchemical workbench to combine them. The recipe looks easy enough for anyone to do.

Mission Objective

Collect purified samples of the Lemurian's 4 magical crystalline elements: Crystallos, Ignateum, Fulminor, and Corrusqua, then use them on a workbench within Andrith Ruins to get protection from Lava

In-Game Objectives

  • Collect Lemurian Elements
    • Purified Crystallos (0/1)
    • Purified Ignaetium (0/1)
    • Purified Corrusqua (0/1)
    • Purified Fulminor (0/1)
  • Use Workbench to make Lava Ward


Mission may be bugged, as the last objective does not complete the mission and no lava resistance buff is given. The Lava Ward item does not appear to give a lava immunity buff either. The mission not being completable may be intended so players can create a new lava ward every time they run Andrith Ruins.

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