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The world of Champions Online is divided into 6 distinct Zones which you can travel to by Jet or Submarine. Additionally each zone has an associated Crisis Zone. Certain Zones are only accessible once you reach a certain level before granted access.

Each of the 6 Locations has unique terrain and features with varying Level Ranges for a wide variety of Factions.

Mcicon.png Millennium-City-Label.png

Heralded as the City of the Future and home of the world's most powerful superteam The Champions, Millennium City was built after the destruction of Detroit by Dr. Destroyer. The three neighborhoods of Millennium City are very distinct, ranging from the crime laden Westside, home to many nefarious gangs, to the Downtown area which is being rebuilt after the invasion of the Qularr. Renaissance Center located in the middle of Millennium City has many useful places for today's superheroes.

Level Range: 6 - 28
Associated Crisis: Millennium City Tutorial
Travel: Helicopter to the different Crisis Zones or Jet to/from Canadian Wilderness, Monster Island, Southwest Desert, and Vibora Bay

Deserticon.png Desert-Label.png

Home to the irradiated Atomic Wasteland, the theme park Snake Gulch, Stronghold Prison the most secure prison in the world. The Southwestern Desert is also the stomping grounds of the monster Grond. VIPER has been operating in the area, hunting Grond as well as engaged in some nefarious activities in Area 51. Witchcraft has also been difficult to reach, investigating the paranormal activities in Burnside.

Level Range: 16 - 26
Associated Crisis: Desert Disaster
Travel: Jet to/from Millennium City, Canadian Wilderness and Vibora Bay

Canadaicon.png Canadian-Wilderness-Label.png

The frozen tundra in the Great White North is the site of any number of recent calamities. Not only has Rakshasa released Kigatilik and his demon minions upon the world, but the "patriotic" Canadian terrorists the Hunter-Patriots have taken over the paintball camp Renegade Run and have been operating in the area. ARGENT's oil pipeline in the ARGENT Snow Thrush Sanctuary seems to be the site of some nefarious deeds, and as if that weren't enough, undead monsters have appeared in Burial Butte. And to top it all off, VIPER has a number of clutches in the area.

Level Range: 16 - 36
Associated Crisis: Crisis in Canada!
Travel: Jet to/from Millennium City, Monster Island, Desert or Vibora Bay

Mislecon.png Monster-Island-Label.png

Home to Phillippe Moreau's Manimals, Monster Island covers a wide variety of terrain from white sand beaches to an active volcano. ARGENT also maintains a lab there, as well as a "wildlife preserve". VIPER is rumored to have a Nest on the island and there have been sightings of an ancient underwater race in certain places on the island.

Level Range: 30 - 40
Associated Crisis: Crisis on Monster Island
Travel: Jet to/from Millennium City, Desert, Canadian Wilderness or Vibora Bay Sub to/from Lemuria

Lemuriaicon.png Lemuria-Label.png

You’ve heard whispers – children’s stories of underwater people, mermaids and naiads. Or myths of ancient civilizations, lost in the depths of the ocean floor. And you’ve ignored those stories. You’ve laughed them off as idle fancies. But you’d be wrong. There is a civil war going on under these waters, between those loyal to King Arvad and the Bleak Ones, Lemurians gone back to the worship of the Dark Gods.

Level Range: 34 - 40
Associated Crisis: Lemurian Crisis and Crisis on Monster Island
Travel: The Aegir Submarine to/from Monster Island

Vibicon.png Vibora-Bay-Label.png

Level Range: 37 - 40
Associated Crisis: Vibora Bay Apocalypse
Travel: Jet to/from Millennium City, Canadian Wilderness, Monster Island or the Desert

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