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Missions are tasks given out by Contacts that your hero can complete to earn rewards. Every mission will award Experience appropriate for the level of the mission and some will have other rewards like Upgrades, Action Figures or Gear. Missions range in difficulty from simply meeting someone new to saving the world from your Nemesis' death ray. In Champions Online, missions take place in the open world as well as on Instanced Maps.

When you interact with a contact with an available mission, clicking on the mission name displays the mission details: what you must do to complete the mission and the rewards offered from doing so. Clicking the "Accept" button assigns the mission to your superhero.


When you accept a mission from a contact, the mission will generally have a waypoint to guide you to the mission area.

Area Waypoints
Area waypoints appear on the map as shaded circles or ovals. The shaded area is the general location of a mission objective; the objective can be found somewhere within this circle. Hovering your mouse over an area waypoint displays the name of the mission it is associated with.

Instance Waypoints
Instance waypoints appear on the map as a small circle or dot. This is the location for the entrance of the instance. Hovering your mouse over an instance waypoint displays the name of the missions it is associated with.

Contact Waypoints
Contacts who have missions for your superhero will have various indicators over their heads in addition to being marked on maps and the Mini-Map. However, these indicators will only appear when you get close enough to the contact.

  • A yellow exclamation point (Yellow Contact Map Icon.png) indicates that a contact has a mission.
  • A green exclamation point (Green Contact Map Icon.png) indicates that a contact has a repeatable mission. These missions can generally be completed once every 24 hours.
  • A gray exclamation point (Gray Contact Map Icon.png) indicates that a contact has a mission but it is significantly beneath your superheroe's level.

After you have accepted a mission from a contact, a gray question mark (Gray Contact Map Icon2.png) will appear to indicate you are on a mission for them. This will generally only occur if you have accepted all the missions from the contact, otherwise the yellow exclamation point (Yellow Contact Map Icon.png) will remain. When you have completed the mission a yellow question mark (Yellow Contact Map Icon2.png) will appear to indicate that you need to return to the contact. This will always appear on the map regardless of the distance from the contact.

Contacts will only offer superheros missions that are 3 levels higher than their current level.

Out-Leveling Missions

In Champions Online you cannot out-level missions. Regardless of your superhero's level you can always go back and complete missions that you didn't complete (barring any restrictions for Crisis Zones). However, the gray exclamation point will not always appear, sometimes you need to speak to a contact to see if they have any missions. You may also check the crime computer, which allows access to all available missions regardless of your location. And for those who are looking for new missions appropriate to their level, go to our Mission Level Locations page.


Every mission will award Experience and Resources when completed. Both awarded experience and resources are tied to the level of the mission. The only changes to either award are modifiers affecting your superhero when you turn in the mission. Missions that require you to speak to another contact will award significantly less experience than normal missions and the end of a mission arc will award approximately double experience.

In addition to resources and experience, certain missions have Gear, Action Figures or Gear Boxes. Upgrades received as mission rewards are Bind on Pickup, have no level restriction, and can be used immediately.

Managing Missions

At any point, a superhero can only have 15 missions at a time. Active missions are listed in the Mission Journal and a handful will appear in the Mission Tracker.

Mission Journal
Primary Article: Mission Journal

The Mission Journal keeps track of all your missions and allows you to search the Crime Computer, make a mission the primary, and share or drop a mission. The Mission journal can be opened by pressing the "j" key (default setting) or by pressing the PDA on the Mini-Map.

When you have completed a mission, a green check will appear next its name in the Mission Journal.

Sharing Missions
In order to share a mission with a another superhero they must be on your team. From the Mission Journal, click on the mission you would like share and then press the share button in the lower right hand corner. If they are eligible for the mission then they will be able to accept it. If however, they are not (because they haven't done part of the required chain) then they will be eligible for a crossover mission, which will award reduced experience.

Dropping Missions
Most missions can be dropped at any time without penalty, others require you to wait 4 hours before being able to pick the mission back up again. In order to obtain the mission again, the superhero will need to seek out the contact and accept the mission again.

Setting Primary Missions
Setting a mission as the primary one will move the mission to the first slot of the Mission Tracker and will increase the text size. Additionally it will both turn the Map Objective for that mission orange. Finally, if the option is turned on, you'll also get the Mission heading indicator arrow. Remember, you can only select one primary mission at a time.

The Crime Computer
If you've run out of missions from a contact and cannot find any more, the Crime Computer will direct you to a contact. The Crime Computer can be found in the lower left hand corner of the Mission Journal. If there are any missions in the vicinity that are available, they will be listed here. To find a contact with missions, select the option to search for emergencies. This will bring up a list of contacts who have available missions.

Mission Types

There are a number of different types of missions in Champions Online

  • Regular Missions - The most prevalent type. Offered by contacts throughout the game.
  • Item Missions - Offered when inspecting (double-clicking) an item in your inventory.
  • Location Missions - Offered when in a specific area or interacting with an object in a specific location.
  • UNITY Missions - Obtained from joining UNITY at level 40.
  • UNITY 2 Missions - A set of missions for UNITY specifically geared towards Vibora Bay.
  • Lair Missions - Missions for Lairs throughout the game.
  • Nemesis Missions - A set of missions that pertain to the Nemesis System.
  • Repeatable Missions - Missions that can be obtained once every 24 hours.
  • Open Missions - Open area missions in which any number of superheroes can participate to complete a specific task.

Full List of Missions


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