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The Nemesis System allows a superhero to create a supervillain that they will fight over a portion of their career. The supervillain is often referred to as a Nemesis.

When a superhero reaches level 25 they will receive Mail from MCPD Captain Martin that directs you to the MCPD Headquarters.


Primary Article: Nemesis Creation
As with creating your superhero, there are many different levels of customization and as such, there are numerous areas to be considered when creating a nemesis.


Throughout your champion's career, you can create up to 18 nemeses for him/her. The progression of the first one will be somewhat different than the rest.

First Nemesis

After you create your nemesis, MCPD Captain Martin will offer you the mission Lemurian Antiquities. After this mission, four (weak) minions of your nemesis will randomly spawn and attack you while you're out in the world fighting. If there isn't a timer preventing it, then one of them will drop a Nemesis Clue which gives you a nemesis "popcorn" mission, an easy random mission out in the world. Completing one such random mission starts a real world timer, during which nemesis minions may still attack you, but will not drop further nemesis clues. The timer is a minimum length of 6 hours. Depending on the importance of the mission you just finished, it could be longer, but never more than 24 hours. Lemurian Antiquities starts a much longer timer that prevents nemesis clues for a while. The number of Nemesis Tokens you receive for completing the mission will be a clue to how long this down timer will be set for. The more tokens you receive, the longer the timer.

After completing two random missions, the third time that a minion would have dropped a nemesis clue, it will drop A Camera Microchip instead. This starts the mission Hot off the Wire. After this mission is complete, MCPD Captain Martin will offer the mission Doomsday Device!, a quick mission in which you fight your nemesis without any of his minions. Captain Martin will send you an e-mail message after you complete Hot off the Wire, but you don't need to wait for the e-mail before you can acquire the mission Doomsday Device! If you do not do this mission, nemesis minions will cease dropping clues until you do. After you complete Doomsday Device!, there is not another timer delay before nemesis minions can drop clues.

After doing one more random nemesis clue mission and reaching level 30 (whichever comes later), Defender will offer the mission Prison Break. At this point, it proceeds as in the next section.

All Nemeses

Some time after imprisoning your nemesis (or his/her creation if it's not your first nemesis on that character) you will receive additional mail, entitled "Trouble!". Defender will have a mission for you, informing you that your nemesis has started a riot in the West Side Prison. When you complete Prison Break, your nemesis will again send minions at you. After several more popcorn and instanced missions, you will receive a drop for the Electro, What? Poly, Huh? mission. This will lead to Deathray Demolition, at which point your nemesis will be jailed permanently, and you can create a new one, or reactivate a previous nemesis.


MCPD Captain Martin


Primary Article: Nemesis Missions
Not including the 2 creation missions, there are currently 32 different missions that are part of the Nemesis System.


Nemesis Tokens

Primary Article: Nemesis Tokens
Completing missions and defeating your Nemesis and their minions in Nemesis Confrontation will award you Nemesis Tokens. These tokens can be used to purchase upgrades and action figures (see below).


Primary Article: Nemesis Upgrades
Using Nemesis Tokens, you can purchase Upgrades from the either of the two Nemesis Vendors who can be found outside the Millennium City Police Station. Both vendors have the same upgrades.

Action Figures

Primary Article: Nemesis Action Figures
There are currently 22 action figures in this set. Two are only obtainable as rare drops from specific villains in the mission Bunker Buster while the remainder can be purchased with Nemesis Tokens from the two Nemesis Vendors who can be found outside the Millennium City Police Station. Both vendors have the same action figures.


Primary Article: Nemesis Perks
Over the course of fighting with your nemeses your superhero can earn Perks for defeating set amounts of each of the different types of minions.

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