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The categories powers fall into are called Frameworks. However, they are not "classes" in the traditional sense. Players are not limited to one power Framework. Instead, frameworks use a tier system in which you must have a certain number of powers unlocked to access the next level of abilities. Energy builders count towards the number of powers that have been selected and count as "free" when considering the number of powers you have available.

All characters must choose an Energy Builder, and the power selection is restricted by "tiers." In order to pick a power, you must meet the prerequisites for its tier, which is either a number of powers from that power framework or a number of non-energy-building powers from any set. As such, by level 14 any power in a set can be chosen if the player stays within that set, by level 23 any power in the game can be chosen by a player. The only exception are Ultimate powers which have a level requirement of 35.


  • Tier 0 powers are freely available at character generation.
  • Tier 1 powers require 1 power from that set, or 2 from any set.
  • Tier 2 powers require 3 powers from that set, or 4 from any set.
  • Tier 3 powers require 5 powers from that set, or 6 from any set.

Travel Powers do not count towards power requirements

Power Documentation Criteria

All values provided for powers listed in the Champions Online Wiki are derived from testing with the following conditions:

  • Level 40
  • Hybrid Role
  • 5 stars
  • No gear
  • No talents
  • No super stats (5 in every stat)
  • No specializations.
  • 0 Offense Value
  • 0 Defense Value

Power Set Table

There are currently five power categories: Energy Projector, Gadeteering, Martial Arts, Mentalist, Brick, and Mystic. Within each category are Frameworks. Powers that share frameworks usually interact with each other in some way, however some powers syngerize across frameworks!

The following table is a list of all categories and the power frameworks within them.


Classic Electricity Active Tab Icon.png Electricity | Classic Fire Active Tab Icon.png Fire | Classic Force Mouseover Tab Icon.png Force | Classic Wind Mouseover Tab Icon.png Wind | Classic Ice Mouseover Tab Icon.png Ice


Classic Archery Active Tab Icon.pngArchery | Classic Gadgeteering Active Tab Icon.png Gadgeteer | Classic Munitions Active Tab Icon.png Munitions | Classic Powerarmor Active Tab Icon.pngPower Armor | Laser Sword Yellow.pngLaser Sword


Classic Madualblades Active Tab Icon.png Dual Blades | Classic Mafightingclaws Active Tab Icon.png Fighting Claws | Classic Masingleblade Active Tab Icon.png Single Blade | Classic Maunarmed Active Tab Icon.pngUnarmed


Classic Telepathy Active Tab Icon.png Telepathy | Classic Egoweapons Active Tab Icon.pngTelekinesis


Classic Might Active Tab Icon.png Might | Classic Heavyweapon Active Tab Icon.png Heavy Weapons | Classic Earth Active Tab Icon.png Earth


Classic Celestial Active Tab Icon.png Celestial | Classic Darkness Active Tab Icon.png Darkness

Classic Sorcery Active Tab Icon.png Arcane Sorcery | Classic Bestial Active Tab Icon.pngBestial Supernatural | Classic Infernal Active Tab Icon.png Infernal Supernatural

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