The Drifter (Mission)

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The Drifter
Level 5
Type Yellow Contact Map Icon.png Regular
Team Size 1-5
Location Millennium City
Neighborhood Renaissance Center
Starting Contact Defender
Final Contact The Drifter
Preceded By A New Threat
Headstart Hero

Mission Brief


Ah, <Hero>.

We've called in important allies to help combat the spike in villainous activity. One of those allies is a man called The Drifter, another is you. The Drifter is helping us manage threats to the city and coordinate appropriate responses. I've told him all about you. I hope we can count on your help in these dangerous times.

Mission Objective

Speak with The Drifter in Ren Center.

In-Game Objectives

  • Speak with The Drifter in Ren Center.

Mission Debrief

The Drifter


Word is, you're one of the better heroes in this city. Least that's what Defender says. Glad to have you on board.

You might have noticed the increase in villain activity. The Champions have. They called in some favors and, well, here we both are. Ready to fight?

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